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This is our home page. This page also includes a “Links and more” section containing useful ICBC links, ICBC Road Test locations, transportation links, construction links, infrastructure links, traffic links, etc.; plus some driving & road related videos.

“Services (multilingual)”
This page contains a full list of what we do.

“Pricing & Payments”
On this page you will find our offer with prices. You can also use this page to make a purchase through PayPal, or to, e.g., make an outstanding balance payment.

All of our contact info is here with a link to a map. This page also includes a quick form regarding contacting you.

For a quick access to the essential information, please go to the footer area.

“Driving School Policy”
This is a link to a PDF file containing our policy, offer and pricing. You can also access it through here:

“DRIVING.Zone Program”
Info about driving lessons for people with low income.

Student Driver Blog
This blog ( is for student drivers. It will be updated every once in a while with study materials, such as, e.g., training videos.

“Student Driver”
Training materials used in our Student Driver Blog.

Social media stuff.

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You can read our website’s privacy policy and terms of service / use here.

“Site Map”
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“Nauka jazdy po polsku w TOPAS driving school”
This is a Polish version of our website. To jest nasza strona po polsku.