> driver training for British Columbia driver’s licence Class 7 (Novice, Learner);
> driver training for British Columbia driver’s licence Class 5;
> driver training for driver’s licences from all provinces, and countries;
> on-road driving courses, and single lessons;
> theory lessons;
> driving exercises;
> city & highway driving rules and regulations;
> parking lessons (parallel parking, forward and reverse stall parking, hill parking, etc.);
> full preparation for Class 7 & Class 5 ICBC Road Test including our vehicle usage for the exam;
> local / tourist / visitor – city tour driving (including Downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park);
> designated driver (your vehicle or our; price negotiable).

Driving every day; male and female instructors; multilingual; in selected areas flexible pick-up and drop-off at no charge; professional; patient; individualized instructions; licenced by ICBC under the Motor Vehicle Act; insured and bonded.

Vehicles: automatic transmission dual-control cars.

Qualifications: Class 5/7 practical-theory, GLP (practical), GLT (theory), automatic and standard (manual) transmission.

Languages: English, Polish (po polsku), Hindi, Punjabi, Bulgarian, Russian, & Chinese Mandarin.

DRIVING.Zone Program

Please contact us, if you have questions.